Get Published

When I first Started I didn’t know you could submit photos to magazines to get published!

Here are a few that I have worked with and would highly recommend sending photos to if you would like to get published!!

Creative Cosplays Magazine is a high quality publication that showcases the amazing talents hidden within the cosplay community.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, Creative Cosplays is here to give everyone the opportunity to be published and show off their incredible creative talents and craftsmanship.

Cosplay Kingdom Magazine was born in September of 2022 and our goal is to bring our readers a comprehensive and exciting cosplay magazine full of user-submitted content from across the globe. As a photographer and cosplay enthusiast, our Editor-In-Chief created this publication to have a forum to share amazing cosplay images, stories, artwork, characters, and all things related to the cosplay community.


CosplayZine features cosplayers and cosplay photographers from all over the world. Each issue focuses on highlighting the cosplay community while giving them a spotlight and a platform to spread their message and tell their story.